Dragons above Boulder

“The serpent is the earthly essence of man of which he is not conscious. Its character changes according to peoples and lands, since it is the mystery that flows to him from the nourishing earth-mother.” ─C.G. Jung, The Red Book

I finally saw the Dragons above Boulder
They’ve been right in front of me all this time
Immense living bodies on full display
From Chautauqua to Eldorado Springs

Dragon bodies providing spirit and protection
Deepening and wizening this place
Ancient beings standing guard
Generating energy for valley below

Ridgeline and Dragon’s back both
Enclosure and Gate opening to
Colorado blue sky of infinite possibilities
And grounded high-altitude heart of compassion

Dragons slouch horizontally south to north
Energy vortex of vision opens east to west
Above a great circular reflecting pool of beings
Sometimes seeing this place…. sometimes not

Trungpa recognized the Naga energy
As did those that were here before him
May the powers created and manifested
Ripple far beyond and benefit all beings



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