Wake the Fuck Up

Wake the fuck up said the planet to its current occupants
For a long time now you’ve been deluding yourselves with
Delusions of grandeur and stories of shame, fame, and guilt
The paradise you’ve been seeking is always here and now
And within and without your every waking and sleeping moment
Not to realize that this is all there is and ever will be is
A tragedy of epic proportions and one that will certainly
Be the death-knell of your species and many fellow creatures
Life shimmers in all its vast and unexplainable glory
Right in front of your ego-occluded mind body and spirit
The child connects with pure energy flowing from the earth
While their more mature betters struggle with issues of
Momentary importance wrapped in self-serving survival
The dropping of body and mind was never anything more
Than the acceptance and embrace of that which comes to us
Moment by moment by moment by infinite moment



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