Blue vault of heaven in your brain
Turned inside out until the difference
Only seemed for reals peeled back
Like a Siberian Zen Buddhist devotedly
Preparing for the last rites of summer
The Egyptian rainstorm we are led to
Believe once devolved into plagues
And an exodus from neatly piled stones
To authoritative declarations carved
Into hearts and minds of those set
Aside birthed in promised lands of
Milk, honey, mushroom manna and
Whatever belief systems allowed to
Ossify beyond traditions of convenience

On the other side of locked down
Stupidity blossoms the flowers of
Not knowing forever and forever
Shedding the straight jackets and
Blind coherence to inherited beliefs
This awareness that all is glorious
Transience immersion rooted in
The embrace of the unembraceable
Infinite worlds of infinite meanings
Not beholden to delusional fixations
Unhindered by the daily selling of
A banality of evil affixing the masses
Infinite flowers of infinite radiance
Drifting in lands of paperless holiness


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