Unto Others

Do Unto Others
The fire from the hearth
Pristine snow on drooping branches
Silver fog and mist concealing infinity

Do Unto Others
All that is true on this mortal coil
Flesh sack and divine fuel of imagination
Endless stream illuminating eternal beauty

The wisdom of plants, forest, ocean
Gnosis born underground from fungi
Gaian ancestors offering telluric birthright
Humanity comes bowing to earthly lineages

Truth in the patriarchal tradition
Masquerading in the hidden out there
Passed down as phallic pain and consequences
Always with the rod and punishment of promises

Do Unto Others
Whispers the Divine Goddess
And soak up the limitless nondual teachings
Allowing liberation in this dreamlike lifetime

Do Unto Others
The entire charade passes
Gone in an instant all these worlds
Painted on the canvas of endless wild flowers


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