Gloria in Excelsis Anima

There’s no one going
And no one to go to
Drove to Christ the Monastery
Somewhere out in the Desert
Tomorrow they celebrate the
50th Anniversary with John
The Baptist Feast Day
One supposes the lion
Will perhaps then lie
Down with the lamb
Don’t hold your 21st century
Breath as the old fairy tales
Passed down in amnesia
Suggest the Baptist’s head
Was served up cold on a
Platter and today those
New Mexican monks grow
Hops and brew Monk’s Ale
Helping pay the bills
Keeping local pagans
Inebriated one step short
Of revealing the true mystery
Automatically growing from
The Chama Valley filled
Great Mother of all whose
Mind expanders offered
In freedom and for free
Unbiased revealers of all
That is and ever will be
Without the obfuscation
Of church as pious patriarchs
Would suddenly be homeless
Pinned to the ground of
Their own being and to
The groundless ground
Sustained by Great Mystery
Unable to move until
They prostrated and then
Answered the very simple
Koan… Are you It or is It you


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