Sitting Here in Limbo

Humanity’s collective conscience
Grabbed itself by the balls
Uttered a shriek… Hold on there Sonny!

Nature abhors a vacuum
Life proliferates repeatedly after
Each and every mass extinction

Sitting here in limbo
Holding a roundtrip ticket
Purchased somewhere in Bardo

On the train on the journey
Landscapes beautiful and horrifying
Anyone can make the leap at any time

Theaters of our minds unwind
Past lodges like an Omaha steakhouse
Future unfolds the yellow brick road

Turning the light around
Consensual reality shredded
Nondiscriminating scissors of mercy

Diamond frame descending
Inner city lockups hopeless hoods
Blood in the streets in the town of ….

That fear of squalid just survival
Gnaws at the heart of all sentient beings
From Santa Fe to Sao Paulo to Pine Ridge

Awash with pure parchment no one
Has bled in these parts since
Ludlow and the Sand Creek Massacre

Going deep inside the Holy Mother
One becomes the Eternal Child
Gives birth to the Temporary Father

There is no one sitting in limbo
No train and no one riding
No landscapes of beautiful horror

This and all worlds fabulous
Passing dreams dancing on the
Altar of primordial pure awareness


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