All this not even a dream

I’ve blown through

The Christers, the Muslims, and Zionists
The hard-core fundamentalists of all stripes
The Neo-Pagans, Pantheists, and Buddhists
The practitioners of indigenous spirituality
The Hindus, the Sufis, and Gaian Sophiastis
The Atheists and post-modern hip adherents
The vegans, the vegetarians, and paleolithics
The democrats, the liberals, the sons of anarchy
The neocons, republicans, and tea party baggers
The right-wing nationalists divided by race

The hell-bent end-timers and adherents of doomsday
The survivalists and peak oil-timers
The tribal identifiers jewish, arab, and palestinian
The soothsayers and prophets of male creators
The back-to-the landers and sustainable gurus
The teachers of dharma and all their structures
The holier than thou with lineages of purity

All just mirages
And illusions arising
There is nothing to believe
And nothing to cling to
We swim in the ocean
Of pure liberation
The body and mind
Dropped in endless aeons
The smile on our faces
Recognition of

All this not even a dream


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