In All Directions

In All Directions

Everywhere you look
There are Buddhas
Emanations of awareness
Temporary beings of
Light apparently
Appearing as solid
Real illusions mapped
Conditioning triangulated

Beautiful Buddhas
Sad Buddhas
Kind and mad Buddhas
All beings Buddha
All Being Buddha
Gracing our ungraspable
Presence in delightful
Dance always liberated

Spring Fever

Puffed up beyond
All belief white clouds
Planted firmly in
Blue sky of nothingness

This Great Perfection

This great perfection fully
Revealed never concealed
Not even a seed but a
Flowering mountain filled
To overflowing arms
Outstretched ten million
Miles and Kalpas
Ancient liberators emerge
Completely realized our
Breathing now goes way
Beyond any conceptual
Date of expiration

Afternoon’s clouds framed
Against brilliant blue sky
Spacious life reverberates
Against life we assume
To be solid real sad tragic
W. Blake and those others
Waiting for us on the all
So near side of nothingness
Apples plums tulips lilac
Bursting forth in unashamed
Beauty and truth displaying
The path of infinite delight


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