The Line

The line running straight
Down your body through
Your solar plexus down
Through your genitals
Straight out your feet
Explodes out your cranium
The interstellar expressway
Without limits commingled
With starstuff enhanced
With organic compost
Buried with your remains
In all previous lifetimes
That line conditioning
You to believe in this
That and the others
That line a mere concept
Destroyed in pure awareness
Seen through via sacred
Texts eaten alive by the
Heart Sutra immolated
Courtesy of Longchen
Infinite Vast Expanse
Of Space Rabjam and co.
A leftover from flatland
Completely irrelevant
Just another signifier in
The boundless universe*


*Where Coyote claims
Unlimited Happy Hour
Tasty treats and drinks
For all his friends …


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